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Dave Letele is the founder of the Buttabean Motivation.

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Since Labour came to power in 2017, the total number of.

Duax Ngakuru is reported to be the new head of the Comancheros Photo credit Sydney Morning Herald. . The addition of 268 new gang members in March and April shows Labours attempts to combat gangs are failing.


On May 12, a day after intruders broke into the paper's IT systems, the extortionists threatened to dump "financial documents, correspondence with bank. . Photo Google Streetview.

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Photo RNZ.

Photo Google Streetview.

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There have been 55 gang-related shootings in the area since January 2022.
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Watching the news, maybe I can google this, but how do we know the numbers of gang members in NZ, and the exact rate at which it's growing It's not like you can ask them.

Mongrel Mob gang members were involved in a violent incident outside the cafe on Thursday.

2 days ago FYI httpsmsn.

Nearly three dozen deputies have been ordered to come in for questioning, show their tattoos and give up the names of any other deputies.